Do men's ties still sell?

The tie. For centuries, it has been a staple of American menswear, and no formal look or business attire was complete without one. Even perfecting an excellent tie knot, to this day, is considered a refined art form. However, as office dress codes have become laxer, and after surviving a global pandemic where workwear included at-home sweat...

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Instagram, after a backlash, pauses changes to its algorithm

The cute little square photo app that made Instagram a classic amongst the social media platforms no longer exists. Instagram’s best loved feature has morphed into one giant video reel with an algorithm bent on showing newness to users. Feeds are no longer dominated with content from followed users, but from third parties and other users, that...

10 hours ago


Holzweiler secures significant investment from Sequoia Capital China

Contemporary Norwegian fashion and lifestyle brand Holzweiler has secured backing from venture firm Sequoia Capital China, supported by Carnegie Investment Banking, to help accelerate its global ambitions. The family-run label, founded in 2012 by siblings Andreas and Susanne Holzweiler, said that the strategic partnership with Sequoia Capital...

16 hours ago

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Gore-Tex: The new membrane and what Greenpeace has to do with it

When the first products with the new, more sustainable ePE membrane from Gore-Tex hit the market in autumn, the world leader for waterproof functional fabrics and with it the entire outdoor industry would have made a real U-turn. Or wouldn’t it? PTFE is Gore-Tex’s main module To understand that the development of this new, more sustainable ePE...

18 hours ago

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