In pictures: Tomo Koizumi, the most hyped designer of NYFW


In pictures: Tomo Koizumi, the most hyped designer of NYFW

Telfar may have been the most anticipated show of New York Fashion Week, but Tomo Koizumi has definitely stolen a bit chunk of its social media buzz thanks to his huge, colorful, carnation-like organza gowns.

The 30-year-old artist from Tokyo, who is not trained as a fashion designer, makes costumes for Asian pop stars and celebrities. He was discovered on Instagram by stylist and magazine editor Katie Grand, who arranged for him to make a debut on New York Fashion Week in Marc Jacob’s studio -- however, her invitation came a mere three weeks before the event.

Not only has he managed to put a show together that fast, but he also dazzled the audience and went viral on social media. “I didn’t expect any of this”, said Koizumi to Vogue Magazine, adding that his dresses are intended to be “like ruffle armour for girls”.

Now that all eyes are on him, we cannot help but wonder what his next steps will be. While we all wait, FashionUnited has gathered images from his show and previous works. Enjoy!

Pictures: Tomo Koizumi AW19, via Catwalkpictures; Tomo Koizumi website