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Fashion Cloud develops data standard to aid e-commerce product data

By Rachel Douglass

25 Jan 2022


Image: Fashion Cloud

European B2B platform Fashion Cloud has developed a new data standard that hopes to support the delivery of e-commerce product data in line with new industry requirements.

Developed in partnership with Bte and Euretco, Fashion Cloud developed the guide to aid the 17,000 plus retailers who use its platform to download product data provided by brands. It further stated that an added 2,000 retailers use its site to integrate product data from other brands into their webshops.

The need for the data standard comes as the platform noticed significant variations in the data provided, feeling the need to optimise the process so that retailers could access more straightforward data.

The guide will allow both brands and retailers are clearer view of what is required for e-com-ready product data, including the mandatory attributes expected by retailers, such as season, material and care instructions. Retailers are also asked to provide any further information that can help to showcase products, for example, sustainability certificates or country of origin.

In a statement, Alies ter Kuile, co-founder of Fashion Cloud, stated: “We appeal to every supplier to follow this standard and will work in the coming weeks as well as months to support more brands in meeting these guidelines.”