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H&M closes sustainable multi-brand platform Itsapark

By Huw Hughes

25 Jan 2022


H&M has taken its sustainable multi-brand platform Itsapark offline.

The group told FashionUnited the choice was taken to “leverage the strategic learnings from Itsapark” and integrate them into the H&M brand to “secure a larger impact and audience”.

Itsapark closed its customer facing operations in November, with the “majority” of its employees offered positions within H&M.

The platform was first launched in 2019 as a community-driven, digital fashion guide based on questions and answers.

But last year, it was pivoted into a platform selling sustainable brands and educating consumers on environmentally friendly fashion.

An H&M spokesperson told FashionUnited: “Itsapark has in a short period of time developed extensive knowledge within the segment of sustainably driven fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

“To leverage those strategic learnings, we have decided to integrate the talents and assets from Itsapark into H&M brand and by that securing a larger impact and audience.”