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Michael Malul London launches DTC e-commerce with ESW

By Rachel Douglass


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Michael Malul London Amber+Smoke fragrance. Image: Michael Malul London, Twitter

Fragrance manufacturer Michael Malulu London has launched a new international direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce platform for the brand via a partnership with ESW.

The Ohio-based brand will now be able to ship to 24 countries across Europe, as well as the UK and US.

It comes as various countries in the EU and North America begin to crack down on the fragrance market, as seen when Swiss authorities launched an investigation into large-scale fragrance companies over claims of price fixing.

US Congress also recently implemented a similar move, updating its cosmetics framework with refreshed safety and manufacturing requirements in a bid to reform and further regulate the industry.

ESW said that its localisation allows brands to overcome the ‘dangerous goods’ listing linked to shipping fragrances, applied to such products due to their flammable nature, in order to enable wider global e-commerce.

And it appears that this step to localise its logistics is just the first for Michael Malul.

In a release, the brand’s CEO, Hanan Malul, said that opening in 24 countries had been “an incredible asset” to the business, noting that it was just phase one of its rollout.

Additionally, Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, president and CEO of ESW, Americas, said: “Being ‘open for business’ in multiple countries is one of the fastest ways to scale a business while also maintaining control of brand equity.

“Cracking the code for international fragrance shipping allows a brand like Michael Malul London to provide consumers with a seamless luxury experience for its consumers regardless of geographic location.”