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Moncler receives ransom demand following malware attack

By Rachel Douglass

20 Jan 2022


Image: Moncler

Luxury fashion brand Moncler has released a further update regarding a major malware attack that caused its IT system to crash in December. In a release, it has said the company has now received a ransom demand which it has rejected, believing the request is in regards to its “founding principles”.

It has further confirmed that stolen information refers to employees, former employees, some suppliers, consultants and business partners. It has assured that no customer information, including credit card numbers or other payment methods, have been exfiltrated.

While the investigation into the attack is still underway, Moncler has stated that the acquisition, use and dissemination of the information in possession of the cybercriminals will be deemed as a criminal offence.

Stakeholders impacted by the malware attack have been informed, as the company expressed it is “deeply sorry” for any inconvenience or concern the situation may have caused to those affected.

Moncler added that the reactivation of its IT system is almost complete and affirmed that the temporary disturbance of its logistics services has “not caused a material impact on the group’s financial results”.