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Retail experience platform Nexite secures 100 million dollars in funding

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Heidi Fin via Unsplash

Retail data analytics platform Nexite has announced it has secured 67 million dollars in its most recent Series C investment round, bringing the company’s total funding to 100 million dollars.

Founded by Anat and Lior Shakedd, the platform provides brands with real-time sales funnel analytics for in-store customer experiences and to help drive sales. Nexite’s patented Bluetooth tag can be attached to merchandise to provide customers with features like mobile self-checkout, returns and click-and-collect.

In return, retailers can gain access to a product’s lifecycle, as well as details on store assortment performance, customer engagement and automated staff processes.

“We’re providing complete transparency into the physical sales funnel and by doing so, we’re creating a lexicon for in-store intelligence to optimise sales per square metre based on customer engagement data,” said Anat Shakedd, co-founder and chief executive officer, in a press release.

Shakedd continued: “"We're introducing terms normally associated with e-commerce like abandonment, engagement and conversion into the physical realm. This type of data has never before been accessible and now it's paving the way for retailers to navigate digital together with brick-and-mortar commerce."