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Tod’s adopts digital product passports, joins Aura Blockchain

By Rachel Douglass


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Tod's introduce digital product passports to its Di Bag. Credits: Aura Blockchain Consortium.

Luxury label Tod’s has joined the growing number of high-end brands adding digital product passports (DPP) to its customer experiences, a move it made after joining non-profit organisation Aura Blockchain Consortium.

The Italian brand has integrated the DPP into its custom Di Bags, which will each now be digitally linked to a traceability token that assures the authenticity of the product.

Through the feature, customers can access details on the bag’s product certificates, origin, craftsmanship and journey from creation to purchase, with details on raw materials, packaging and relation to sustainability also provided.

While the introduction of the DPP has only just come to light for Tod’s, the brand is understood to already be planning an expansion of the consortium’s solutions to additional products in its collection.

Formed in 2021, the Aura Blockchain Consortium was established through the joint efforts of luxury giants Prada Group, LVMH, Richemont’s Cartier and OTB Group with the goal of addressing the “shared challenges” of communicating authenticity, responsible sourcing and sustainability via a secure digital format.

Its launch leant heavily into the ongoing rise of blockchain technology at the time, which was put to use in this context to record information in a non-reproducible manner and create a unique certificate for the product’s owner.

The group opened its doors to the wider luxury world, offering “flexibility to support companies of various sizes” with the ability to “adapt to individual needs”.

Since its inception, Aura Blockchain has extended its membership to the likes of Loro Piana and Prince of Wales’ sustainable task force, which works with brands like Burberry and Chloé to establish the future of sustainability in fashion.

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