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Yours Clothing annual profits soar


Yours Clothing annual profits soar

By Prachi Singh

15 May 2019

Plus fashion brand Yours Clothing reported 19 percent increase in revenues to 105.5 million pounds for the period to February 3, 2019, while its pre-tax profits soared from 6.5 million pounds to 12.4 million pounds.

The company said in in its annual report that store sales improved 20 percent, while ecommerce sales were up 18 percent for the year under review. Gross profit improved 3 percentage points.

The company added 26 new stores during the year under review including a store in Dublin and three new stores in northern Germany. Yours Clothing expects to continue its international growth. In addition, its men's division BadRhino operates four dedicated stores.

The company added: "The ongoing development of our 10 local language websites has continued with our key German, French and Spanish languages sites performing well and now accounts for 8.5 per cent of overall sales."