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Bonobos CEO resigns

By Kristopher Fraser

21 Jan 2022

Micky Onvural has stepped down as CEO of Bonobos. The CEO took to LinkedIn to reveal that she would be leaving the company to join TIAA, the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America – College Retirement Equities Fund. The organization’s focused on financial services for academic research, medical, cultural, and governmental fields. Onvural will become their new chief marketing officer.

David Sasson, the company’s chief operating officer, will be interim CEO. In a statement, Bonobos said, “People are what makes Bonobos the special place that it is, and we’re greatly appreciative for the company’s success under her leadership. We wish her the best with her next endeavor.”

Onvural joined Bonobos as chief marketing officer in 2016. She had spent her career in various marketing roles at companies including Kellogg’s, eBay, and Trulia. In 2017, when Bonobos was acquired by Walmart Inc. for 310 million, the brand’s co-founder Andy Dunn was promoted to head of digital brands for Walmart. Onvural, subsequently, was promoted to CEO.

During her tenure, Bonobos opened more brick-and-mortar stores and made many improvements in technology. Bonobos currently has 61 Guideshops and two outlets.