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Agent Provocateur under scrutiny for continuing to sell its lingerie in Russia

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image: H&M, Russia

British lingerie brand Agent Provocateur has come under scrutiny for selling its collections in Russia. The business is operated indirectly via a franchise agreement, and has locally managed boutiques.

Leave Russia, a team of Ukrainian researchers, analysts of KSE Institute and volunteers, launched a website in the early stages of the invasion, to provide up to date information on the decisions of companies to leave the Russian market or continue operations on it. One of the few British fashion companies still present is Agent Provocateur.

A report by the Guardian revealed the lingerie brand's local website www.agentprovocateur.ru is still actively accepting orders.

About Leave Russia

Leave Russia collects data on foreign companies operating in the Russian market and limiting or terminating their activities. Currently of the 210 consumers and clothing companies, 91 have left with 78 staying. Brands including Boggi, Calzedonia, Clarins, Crocs, JW Anderson, Quicksilver, Samsonite, Sephora and Tom Ford are still thought to be operating in Russia, whether directly, indirectly, via parallel import or under new ownership, with collections available to purchase or order by Russian customers.

A spokesperson for Agent Provocateur told the Guardian its stores were “operated by franchisees under franchise/licensing agreements” but the business itself “does not ‘operate’ in Russia”.

Founded by Vivienne Westwood’s son Joseph Corré and Serena Rees in the early 1990s, Agent Provocateur was a darling of the fashion industry, until it declared bankruptcy in 2017. The company is now owned by Fourmarketing.

For more information on the status of fashion companies operating in Russia visit www.leave-russia.org.

Agent Provocateur