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3DSOUL School of Digital Arts, Valencian Association of Footwear Entrepreneurs sign collaboration agreement

By Alicia Reyes Sarmiento


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Illustrative image: AllBirds sneakers. Credits: AllBirds x Olivia Rubin Collaboration

The Valencian Association of Footwear Entrepreneurs (Avecal) in the Valencia region (Spain) and the 3DSOUL School of Digital Arts in Alicante have signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of promoting the use and knowledge of 3D digital design among footwear professionals and attracting young talent to this industry.

The agreement, which was signed this morning by representatives of both institutions, aims to promote specialised training in digital footwear design and pattern making, as well as to train professionals in the use of 3D software tools and applications.

The technology will allow the creation of virtual footwear models in a faster and more accurate way, improving efficiency and quality throughout the design and production process. Therefore, the implementation of these techniques will allow companies to stand out and offer more innovative and attractive products to consumers, ensuring their leading position in the national and international market.

As part of the agreement, which has been planned for a year, Avecal members will have access to specific discounts on a specialisation course in 3D virtual design and digital pattern making for footwear, which will start in September. This training will allow professionals in the sector to improve their skills and knowledge in digital design, keeping them up to date with the latest trends and technological advances.

New collaboration to attract young creatives to footwear industry in Spain

The agreement is not only limited to improving the skills of established professionals. It also seeks to attract new generations of creatives interested in the footwear industry. With this initiative, the partners hope young talents will be attracted to the sector and contribute their ideas and skills to the more digital sphere of a profession traditionally rooted in craftsmanship.

The director of 3DSOUL, Miguel Davia, pointed out in a statement that specialisation in digital footwear design, 3D modelling and animation is fundamental to attract new generations to the industry. In an ever-changing world, it is crucial that the sector is attractive and offers specialised training with a high technical and creative component to attract and retain talent in the Valencia Region.

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.ES. Translation and editing from Spanish into English by Veerle Versteeg.

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