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Ganni and Polybion unveil new bacterial cellulose-made blazer

By Gabriella Onessimo


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Credits: Courtesy of Polybion

Danish fashion brand Ganni has teamed up with Polybion to create a new bio-leather blazer made entirely from Celium™, a new material made from bacterial cellulose.

Crafted from fruit waste in Polybion’s factory in Irapuato, Mexico, Celium™ is a high-performing substitute to animal and plastic leather—the first of many solutions from the biotech company.

The latest project with Ganni was brought on by the company’s research sect, Fabrics of the Future, which spearheads the brand’s work with next-generation materials, bridging the gap between textile innovators and fashion consumers.

Recently debuted at Ganni’s Copenhagen flagship store during the Global Fashion Summit, the blazer features a marbled-yellow design adorned with silver buttons. The piece strikingly evokes the feel of traditional leather, from the textural details to the worn look.

Celium™ can be deemed a one-of-one textile, as it renders unique patterns upon completion of each finished piece. Its versatility in design allows it to be dyed, tanned, and embossed, making for a desirable material to work with that is further bolstered by its durability and lightweight feel.

The collaboration with Polybion signifies more commitment to circular-based initiatives, as Ganni has fully discontinued the use of virgin animal leather in its ready-to-wear line and plans to follow suit with shoes and accessories in 2023.

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