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Kenneth Nicholson spring/summer 2022

By Kristopher Fraser

15 Sep 2021


Image: Jordan Trey

Kenneth Nicholson’s spring/summer 2022 collection was inspired by Cy Falls, taking inspiration from the designer’s alma matter, a secondary school in Texas. While most people opt never to remember their high school years, unless they won most popular for their senior superlatives, Nicholson created a collection that attempted to anchor a feeling of validation. The designer remembered his high school years with endearment, although they could be difficult at times.

It was a collection that was a conversation with his younger self that told him, yes, you might be young and naïve now, not to mention restrained by your surroundings, but here is a gift to you. Elongated shirt dresses seemed fit to work for almost any man, despite some feminine flair, exaggerated sleeves and dresses for men sought to redefine what it meant to dress like a man, and structured blazers gave a little something for the more traditional guy. This was Nicholson’s new world order, where young men are free to be whoever they want to be. They can wear a dress one day and a blazer the next.

The garments borrow from feelings of youth and combine them with Nicholson’s life experience. There was sophistication, nineties grunge, pressed seams, bias cut fabrics, and accessible fabric. Nicholson’s garments embrace this youthful intensity while celebrating who he has become as a designer.

Image: Jordan Trey
Image: Jordan Trey