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Labels to Watch: Ukrainian brands to get your hands on

By Barbara Russ


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Credit: Feb

Ukraine remains, despite the ongoing war, a country of creativity. Fashion and design from Ukraine, especially from the capital Kiev, have a reputation for being particularly innovative - and these labels prove it. The labels listed here represent four very different sides of femininity, but all four have the spirit of freedom and beauty in common.

Credit: Feb


The main idea of the Feb brand is to create iconic knitwear that will stay in fashion for as long as possible. Feb mixes timeless designs with cool and playful details, optimistic colours, patterns and stripes. The tops are made in small ateliers so that Feb is in constant communication with its knitters and can carefully control all steps in the production. Feb stands for slow fashion for women as well as for men. “Not trendy, but up-to-date. Open-minded, friendly and casual with a touch of humour and irony,” as the label said itself.

About Feb:

  • Founding year: 2020
  • Target group: Feb's target group is women and men between the ages of 25 and 40 with creative professions in fashion, architecture and graphic design. They live in big cities, are cool, progressive, intelligent and travel a lot.
  • Points of sale: Feb is currently sold in London at Iamvolya and in Kiev's Tsum department store, in addition to its own webshop.
  • Collection size: Feb's permanent product range includes the basic collection of sweaters, cardigans and polo pullovers. The universe of Feb sweaters is expanded with non-seasonal capsules and a hand-knitted series of garments inspired by Ukrainian knitting tradition. The collections appear in small series (three to eight pieces) every three to four months. This can be in the form of both completely new models, as well as new colours of existing styles.
  • Sales: All inquiries are welcome via hi@febsweaters.com (Contact: Victoria)
  • Price points: Feb is a mid-range brand, fairly priced in light of its high production quality and premium merino wool known for its soft and luxurious texture. Prices range from around 112 euros for a sweater vest to 288 euros for a more elaborate sweater.
  • Bestseller: One of the best sellers is Feb's very first knitted piece - an orange sweater. Also striped sweaters, polo sweaters in brown and pink and handmade waistcoats with embroidery.
  • Trade fairs: Feb can only be found at Premium Berlin so far.

Credit: Bobkova


The Bobkova label is designed and manufactured by Kristina Bobkova in Kiev, and is currently showing its collections in Berlin. She creates “things that are relevant regardless of time and situation”. The label's creations are characterised by Japanese cutting discipline and convey strength and femininity. The designer pays special attention to technological fabrics, unusual finishes and customised shoes, handbags and accessories, with a focus on upcycling textiles and yarns.

About Bobkova:

  • Founding year: 2000
  • Target group: The designer designs her clothes for a smart, creative but practical woman over 30.
  • Points of sale: In addition to its own website (shipping worldwide, excluding Russia and Belarus), Bobkova's fashion can be found at: Melange - Kuwait; Korner - Odessa; Tsum - Kyiv; Leaura - Hong Kong; Iamvolya-London; Mikado Group - Riga and Kaizerin - Germany.
  • Collection size: Bobkova presents two main collections per year - spring/summer and autumn/winter. Each collection consists of 60 to 100 items, including shoes and accessories.
  • Sales: If interested, contact oryna@bobkova.ua
  • Price points: Shirts around 100 euros, pants around 200 to 400 euros, dresses around 300 to 500 euros
  • Bestseller: Shirt dresses and poncho dresses as well as knit dresses. Suit sets with trousers and three-piece sets are also popular classics from the brand.
  • Trade fairs: Fashion Coterie (NYC), White Show (Milan), Pitti (Florence), Ukrainian Fashion Week, Berlin Fashion Week, KTW, Berlin Premium.

Credit: Dzhus


Dzhus is a label of Ukrainian origin that specialises in gender-neutral clothing and accessories made from animal-free materials. The special thing about designer Irina Dzhus' sophisticated cuts is their versatility: each piece can be “transformed” in two to five different ways, and some pieces can even be worn in up to 20 different ways.

About Dzhus:

  • Founding year: 2010
  • Target group: Dzhus creates for people who see clothing as a material embodiment of their distinctive inner world. They are looking for a perfect shell for their individuality and don't want to hide from the environment, but enter it as the true and advanced version of themselves.
  • Points of sale: Dzhus is currently offered in concept stores in Japan, China, Belgium, Portugal, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Australia and Poland and is sold online worldwide. The brand is keen to gain a foothold in the German market.
  • Collection size: The spring/summer 2024 collection, which has just been shown at Berlin Fashion Week, consists of 15 pieces of clothing and accessories, but each can be worn in very different ways. Dzhus usually releases two collections a year.
  • Distribution: Dzhus is currently working via direct sales, cooperation proposals from potential retailers via the website are welcome.
  • Price points: The average price point is 300-600 euros for most product categories and 1,000-2,000 euros for particularly complex parts.
  • Bestseller: The bestseller is Anonymous, the '180° 7-way transforming piece': a piece that can be worn as a jumpsuit, shorts, top, belt and peplum, and Cardboard: vest / bolero / hoodie / peplum / bag / hat in one
  • Trade fairs: The S/S24 collection has just been shown at Premium Berlin. Previously, Dzhus was shown at Milan Design Week, Dutch Design Week, International Fashion Showcase London, Designblok Prague and other international fairs. Almost every season, the label organises a showroom during Fashion Week in Paris.

Credit: Bæd Stories

Bæd Stories

The core idea of the Bæd Stories brand is to create lingerie that is different from the usual stereotypical role-play costumes. Instead, Bæd Stories offers lingerie that makes women feel desired, admirable and empowered. The brand has worked hard to understand what its audience wants, researching cuts and materials to offer the highest quality and impeccable fit. This dedication has resulted in two main lines: role-play sets with outlandish character and elasticated fetish harnesses that can be worn individually or in combination with lingerie.

About Bæd:

  • Founding year: 2017
  • Target group: Women who like to experiment with their sexuality.
  • Points of sale: In addition to the brand's web shop, it can also be found at Rock Your Body lingerie, My Holy desire, Pole online in Germany; at Anya Lust and Spice of Life in the US; in France with Madame Sensuelle, K Concept Store, Brigade Mondaine, LS tentations; in Italy at My Darling Lingerie; in China at Sally's Toy and Avec Amour.
  • Collection size: There are typically four collections a year - not counting collaborations - and they span three to six looks. But all previous collections are still in stock. Bæd Stories has a total of over 50 NOS looks.
  • Sales: Sales manager Valeria (info@baedstories.com) is available for inquiries and there is also a wholesale partnership section on the website.
  • Price points: Prices for a complete outfit can range from 52 euros to 350 euros.
  • Bestseller: Among the role-playing lingerie, the bestsellers are maid, nun, black angel, judge.
  • Trade fairs: In the past, the label has taken part in trade fairs such as the EroExpo in Germany and the Salon International de la Lingerie in France. Due to the state of war in the country, it is currently not participating in trade fairs.

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