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FCG WEBINARS by Fashion Council Germany July / August / September

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14 Jul 2021


The Fashion Council Germany e. V. is currently offering exciting, free webinars on relevant topics in the fashion industry. The focus is on new developments and recommendations for production, marketing, photography, digitalization, creative storytelling, fashion tech and sustainability. The speakers will speak in English.

The current dates for July to September can be found below. Please register via the specific event to receive a zoom link to join on the given date.

The FCG also calls for participation, as a listener in the subsequent discussion or as a speaker. You are welcome to send requests directly via E-Mail.

We hope you enjoy your attendance!

13.07.2021 / 2pm / The New European Bauhaus
Speaker: Max Gilgenmann (Studio MM04, Founder & CEO) / Language: English

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Following the conference "The New European Bauhaus – Workshop of the Future" the FCG will offer a webinar in collaboration with studio MM04, which will revisit the essential questions and developments and connect the dots with the European Green Deal as well as the Green Recovery Plans. Max Gilgenmann, co-founder of studio MM04, will analyze their significance for the German fashion and textile industry through three different lenses (fashion culture, economy, and product) to highlight opportunities and obstacles.

27.07.2021 / 2pm / The Pandemic Retail Apocalypse: effects on physical stores & consumer behavior'
Speaker: Devina Popat (CEO Trend-Tech-Trade) / Language: English

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The Pandemic Retail Apocalypse: The effect on physical stores & changes in consumer behavior' - An in-depth discussion on the current problem in the fashion industry focusing on the effects on physical spaces, rents overdue, left-over stocks, high-returns & change in behavioral methods for shopping in fashion stores. Discovering an offline to online solution that will digitize retail spaces.

03.08.2021 / 2pm / How to accelerate your business growth
Speaker: Sara Simmons (Impact Expert, Speaker and Global Leader In Living Consciously) / Language: English

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Learn the ten foundational principles to unlock your business' unique proposition and learn what really counts in the eyes of your dream customer. Sara draws on her personal experience in the fashion industry as a former buyer for the major UK-based department store Harvey Nichols, and founder of a successful sustainable, artisan-produced denim line to provide a roadmap for driving direct-to-consumer digital sales. She'll share how to identify your hero product, articulate your brand purpose in a way that speaks to your target market, and meaningfully engage with your customers online.

10.08.2021 / 2pm / Motif - Where are the education gaps in the fashion industry?
Speaker: Jackie Lewis (Motif, Course Development Director) / Language: English

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Jackie Lewis from MOTIF will share some of the findings of the organisation’s State of Skills in the Apparel Industry 2020 report. Featuring input from 900 professionals and 19 industry associations, the report provides vital insight into the skills and training trends within the sector and reflects on the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on professional learning to inform business and talent development strategies. Jackie will also discuss how the current times have heightened the need for fashion professionals to take their career development into their own hands and the core skills that they need to consider picking up to ensure their relevance and employability and renew their sense of purpose.

31.08.2021 / 2pm / The changing role, processes and demands on the designer.
Speaker: Simone Leonhard (Creative consultant and educator) / Language: English

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The changing role, processes and demands on the designer.
Digitalisation and sustainability are rapidly driving major changes in how all industries are developing and making products, including a new understanding of what a product lifecycle means. These forces have, in a very short time, dramatically changed the role a fashion designer plays. How they work, the tools they use, what constraints they deal with and fundamentally what skills they must have. Simone Leonhardt will explore and discuss the new possibilities, challenges and some approaches for fashion education to meet the future.

14.09.2021 / 2pm / Contemporary African Fashion: Tradition + Modernity
Speaker: Waridi Schrobsdorff & Rabi Yansane (CEO & Creative Director FA254) / Language: English

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As African fashion is flourishing, how do contemporary African designers thrive on being very ultramodern by using traditional techniques?

Waridi and Rabi from FA254 give insights into the African fashion scene and show possibilities for cooperation.

29.09.2021 / 2pm / 3D Digital knit wear sampling with Shima Seiki
Speaker: Christian Metzel (Digital Solutions Associate Shima Seiki ) / Language: English

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In this seminar, Chritstian Metzel from Shima Seiki will explain in detail how to produce 3D virtual samples using the "SDS-ONE APEX" series design system in real-time. He will also explain how to make samples using yarn data downloaded from Shima Seiki's new "yarnbank" web service, and introduce the "SHIMANAVI" e-learning system. If you are interested, please feel free to join us!

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