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Stella McCartney goes full horse power with new campaign

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Kendall Jenner in Stella McCartney Fall 2023 campaign Credits: Harley Weir

Stella McCartney's latest Winter 2023 campaign stars Kendall Jenner in evocative shots by Harley Weir, photographed at France's Camargue Salt Flats. Amidst the area's iconic white ponies, provided by horse whisperer Jean-Francois Pignon, the campaign bridges to the collection's runway launch.

Themed 'Horse Power,' Winter 2023 unites the collection and campaign, exploring the profound bond between humans and horses. Introduced at Paris Fashion Week, it narrates this connection through Stella's relationships, art, history, and modernity.

Stella McCartney said in a statement: "This season's Stella girl had to love horses like I do. Kendall, an equestrian since childhood with her own ranch, embodies this affinity." The bond between Kendall and Pignon's ponies echoes the equestrian essence. Rope details, quilting, and Appaloosa jacquards further infuse the collection.

Innovative materials shine, including vegan crocodile-effect bags from apple waste and grape waste-based riding boots. Accessories made from fungi mycelium and Mirum showcase sustainability. The collection comprises 92 percent conscious materials, embodying Stella McCartney's dedication.

The Stella McCartney Winter 2023 collection arrives at boutiques, retailers, and online in August 2023.

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