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The future of shopping will be a virtual shopping universe

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image: Xydrobe

The future of shopping is coming. A physical portal into the world's first virtual shopping universe, called xydrobe, is launching in 2023.

What is a xydrobe?

Developed for Web3, the xydrobe is a digital landscape enhanced by VR where real products can be shopped and purchased.

Inside the seasonal landscape of a xydrobe are branded concessions which the company explained “will be experienced not only through human eye-level VR but with scent, temperature, wind and surround-sound. Taking luxury shopping from predictable to astonishing.”

Nell Lloyd Malcolm, xydrobe CEO says “Forget what you know about VR and what we believe we know today of Web3, we are here to change perceptions and change the way people shop luxury products for good. We as a team, and as a company believe in the power that extraordinary experience has on how we shop more consciously and with greater satisfaction. This is only the start.”

With a plan to build a diverse bazaar of internationally recognised luxury brands, as well as niche independent labels, xydrobe will endeavour to embrace designers ready to storytell their brand DNA to audiences through thought-provoking and dazzling creative means no matter their size.

The future of shopping

“There are so many opportunities with VR technology for brands to further communicate their collections to their customers, from the inspiration to the craftsmanship of products.” says Isabella Gallucci, xydrobe’s Chief Brand Officer. “The ability for a brand's Creative Director to expand their concepts, through the interactive and immersive 4D capabilities of a xydrobe, without any limitations is truly exhilarating.”

Web3 is an opportunity for brands to make new connections with customers, changing relationships with how consumers shop. Many new innovations will make web3 different from current e-commerce. “Fully immersive shopping experiences highlight something that would have been impossible in Web 2.0,” writes E-commerce Fastland. “While buying virtual Gucci bags is gratifying at first, it’s only a matter of time before these metaverse buyers turn into real-life customers.”

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