Wolf & Rose: Never Change a Winning Team

by Sponsor
31 May 2019

When you see this collection you will probably have a déjà vu! Do you remember the good old days of Death by Zero? Year after year, summer after summer, breaking all records with an amazing photo print tee! All festivals, clubs and DJ’s were overruled by the photo print tees of Death by Zero. We figured out that at this moment there is not a booming brand in the T-shirt business so we were forced to look back and to take the step forward.

What happened some years ago with a photo print tee was incredible. So we worked Wolf & Rose out, based on the same strong identity as we had then. The man who likes to be special, different and related to the good life will be served by Wolf & Rose.

The tees have a perfect fit and a high standard quality cotton is used. In one year we plan six drops and the first festival Range will be in stores on the 24th of July, order deadline is 21st of June . The prints are made by the same team awe worked with in the past and the tees will be sold for 59,95 Euro with a 3.0 mark-up.

Wolf & Rose will be sold by every local hero!

Never Change a Winning Team!

Want to know more about these exclusive limited offer T-shirts? Please email [email protected] or call +31 6 41381394.